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Gmail is reading your emails with Google’s AI

Google’s Artificial Intelligence can now directly access your Gmail inbox, Drive files, and Docs to get info to customize its answers. “Bard” (and quite probably Google’s other AI projects) can scan your emails to find flight details, summarize docs, and more. This is some unprecedented access to your gmail emails!

Before, Google AI like Smart Compose just used anonymous data. But now the AI products are using tons of private messages and documents. Google says they’ve got protections in place, but this raises some big privacy concerns.

The integration gives Google AI a goldmine of training data from private conversations in your gmail.

This change comes as Google rapidly increases its use of Artificial Intelligence technologies throughout its product line. Things like Google Bard and LaMDA are meant to make AI assistants more natural and everywhere in Google products. Access to YOUR data from Gmail is key for Google to “level up” the AI, by using your emails to train its AI (make it “smarter”) among other things.

While you might think your Gmail is private, the deep integration shows Google sees it as a vital data source to keep its AI ahead of the game. With little oversight, Google has steadily knocked down walls between your account and its “AI” needs.

For users, the convenience of using gmail may outweigh privacy worries. But the increasing access to your data means Google AI will benefit big time from analyzing personal info in Gmail inboxes and Drive files. This integration has reached new depths and keeps accelerating fast.

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