Special Offer for Mark37 Event Attendees

Since September, 2021, Jeff.pro has helped more than 10,000 freedom-loving computer users unplug from “big tech” by learning how to use Free and Open Source Software (“FOSS”), and the Linux Operating System (“Linux”), a complete replacement for Microsoft Windows on your computer.

Have you been waiting to learn Linux with our group? Here’s your chance to start off with the best group of trusted friends in America! This weekend for the first time and uniquely through this offer, we are opening new enrollments in the Linux for Beginners class that supports the Jeff.pro channel, channel, re-launched for 2023, with a special offer for Mark37.com event attendees:

Start with your first month in our famous, ongoing Linux for Beginners series, with immediate access online to video recordings of our previous to years of weekend Linux workshops,for $1.00!

After that, future months at the standard rate of $20/mo for your virtual seat, stay as long as you need until you have learned everything you want to know about using FOSS and Linux to protect your digital world. Take the course at your own pace, live on the weekends or recorded with your log-in and password.

Cancel your subscription at any time by sending an email to [email protected].

The class is run by American Patriots who love our country. 25 seats available. All virtual seats usually fill within 48 hours.

For those who are serious about getting away from ‘big tech’, our group teaches you a better way to do your computing. You will be amazed to learn how many ways your Microsoft Windows or MacOS software is spying on you and leaking your data all over the internet. Join those brave enough to say no, once and for all to ‘big tech’, and take self-responsibility for your digital life and future with Linux.

Linux for Beginners is a course that has remained full of students for almost two years. It has filled up the same day every time we have opened enrollments. Through this offer, join our existing group of several hundred Patriots and start getting ahead of the curve by learning Linux!

Click here for the signup page ->learn2.jeff.pro