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Online Data Removal Focus of New Educational Series for Americans concerned with Law, Order, Constitutional Rights and Privacy

Reclaim Your Online Privacy: Launches “Remove Data” Class

In today’s digital age, our personal information is scattered across the internet, often without our full knowledge or consent. From people finder sites that aggregate public records, to data brokers that trade our details, protecting our online privacy has become increasingly challenging. However, building on the success of more than 10,000 Americans we helped educate about moving from the Microsoft Windows computer operating system to Linux, a new online course from aims to help take back control of your personal data and protect you from the most common kinds of cyber crime.

Introducing the “Remove Data” Class is proud to announce the launch of our “Remove Data” class – a comprehensive guide to removing your personal information from the internet and reclaiming your online privacy. This innovative course covers everything from identifying sites that host your data, to the step-by-step processes for opting out and requesting removal. You will also learn many little-known secrets about the mysterious “data broker” business that you won’t see in other courses, that will make you an expert at removing your data from places you may have never even known existed!

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Why Your Data Matters

The proliferation of people finder sites poses a real risk to individuals. These platforms collect and display personal details like:

– Full names and aliases

– Current and past addresses

– Phone numbers and email addresses

– Family connections

– Employment and education history

– Financial records

– Criminal records

While some of this information may be public record, having it so easily accessible and combined creates comprehensive profiles that can be exploited by bad actors for identity theft, harassment, or even physical threats.

A Roadmap to Privacy

The “Remove Data” class curriculum is designed to be accessible to anyone, regardless of technical skill level. Through video lessons, written guides, and hands-on activities, students will learn:

1. Understanding Public Data Sources

2. Identifying Major People Finder And Other Data Aggregation Sites

3. Step-by-Step Opt-Out and Removal Guides

4. Monitoring Your Online Presence

5. How the mysterious, murky “Data Brokers” work – Secrets and Tricks of the Trade

6. How mainstream American is being targeted for crimes relating to Data Theft

7. How to avoid becoming a victim

8. Ongoing Privacy Best Practice

With expert instructors providing guidance, participants will gain the knowledge to remove their publicly available personal data and the skills to continually safeguard their privacy.

Protect Yourself and Your Loved Ones

In our increasingly interconnected world, online privacy is not just an individual concern – it impacts entire families. The “Remove Data” course empowers students to not only secure their own information, but to have informed discussions with spouses, children, and other relatives about developing healthy internet habits.

Enroll in the Movement

Don’t let your personal data be weaponized against you. Enroll in’s “Remove Data” course today and join the movement to take back control of your online identity and privacy. Protect yourself now and for your future from identity theft, harassment, and the misuse of your most sensitive information.

Enroll online, claim your spot in the new Remove Data class ->

* 100 spots (20 remaining, as of March 19, 2024) are open in this new class for our first cohort of learners. After this preliminary offer, the price will increase for future learners to accommodate the cost of licensing more seats from our professional learning management system (LMS) technology provider.