The Story of 2 and 1/2 Years Helping Americans Learn Better Ways to Do Their Computing

In September 2021, launched with the goal of teaching Americans better ways to use technology and protect their digital privacy. Founded by veteran technology entrepreneur Jeffrey Peterson, the site started with the “Linux for Beginners” course to help people switch from proprietary operating systems like Windows to the free and open source Linux OS.

The motivation behind promoting Linux stemmed from growing concerns over user privacy violations and increasing surveillance capitalism from big tech companies like Microsoft. As Peterson explains, “We have no idea what they’re doing with our personal information anymore…We feel like the technology is working against us.”

By moving to Linux, users gain full transparency into the operating system’s code and can verify it doesn’t contain any hidden malware or tracking. This allows them to take back control of their digital lives in alignment with rights outlined in the U.S. Constitution.

Thousands of Americans have turned to the affordable $20/month Linux for Beginners course since its launch. The classes guide students step-by-step through installing, using, and customizing Linux seamlessly on their computers.

Building on this success, recently launched a new “Remove Data” course in early 2024 focused on removing personal data from people-finder sites and data brokers online. As Peterson outlines, “Data brokers are companies that collect massive amounts of information from us, from various sources…they call themselves data aggregators.”

The new course dives deep into the shadowy data broker industry while providing actionable steps for Americans to drastically reduce their digital footprints and risk of identity theft. Students learn techniques like suppressing their data from major brokers like Intelius, Whitepages, and Acxiom.

With over 4,000 data brokers in the US alone, controlling your personal data online has become crucially important, especially as AI capabilities rapidly advance. aims to equip Americans with the skills for digital privacy and freedom.

“Our goal is to make ourselves a difficult target,” says Peterson. “When the bad guys go around trying to profile people, our goal is they’ll never even know who we are.”

Through affordable educational courses like Linux for Beginners and Remove Data, is empowering Americans to learn better ways of computing that put them back in control of their technology and personal information.