Our risk isn’t in using technology. It’s using technologies that mine our data without our knowledge.

So, what’s the big deal about using Microsoft Windows? Doesn’t everyone use it? Well, some technologies, “big tech” in general (i.e., Facebook, Google, Microsoft) can gather a ton of our personal information, everything we type, say, monitor all of our online activity without us saying or realizing we implicitly or otherwise said “yes.” We’re talking passwords, financial info, and more. To protect our privacy, we need to be smart about the tech we use and the data we share.

Our greatest risk: operating systems that mine our data with unrestricted access to our activities

As Jeff.pro has explained for a long time, computer operating systems are like the backbone of our devices, letting us interact with them. But as we store more and more personal info on our devices, we have to be careful about which operating systems we use. Some of them can gather tons of our private details, and that’s just not acceptable. So, being aware of the operating systems we use and their access to our data is super important for keeping our info safe.

The foundation of digital privacy: choosing the right operating system. Moving away from Microsoft Windows on your computers.

To take charge of our privacy, we’ve got to start by picking an operating system that keeps our data safe. Sure, we can tackle other privacy issues app by app, but the operating system is the foundation of our devices’ security. To re-claim complete control over our privacy, we need to use a computer operating system that does not mine our data without our consent. In our view, the worst offender in this regard is Microsoft Windows, which unfortunately comes pre-installed on most computers.

The initial and most crucial step to truly safeguarding and controlling your personal information, precious data, files, images, financial documents, and everything else on your computer is to switch from Windows to an operating system that genuinely respects your privacy.

With Free and Open Source Linux, reclaim your privacy and digital freedom

If you’re looking for an operating system that respects your privacy, check out Linux. It’s an open-source system that puts you in control of your digital life. Microsoft Windows, on the other hand, is a closed system that tracks you and collects your data.

Linux offers true digital freedom, letting you change pretty much anything you want. There are no restrictions, and no one’s watching your every move. Windows, though? It keeps tabs on you and targets ads based on your data. Many other disturbing trends seem to be emerging concerning Microsoft Windows and surveillance of users (meaning, YOU, if you’re using Windows). Video streaming sites and privacy blogs are full of horror stories and concerns about Windows 11. Bottom line, not exactly what we want for our computers. We want technology that respects our privacy, doesn’t spy on us, and lets us do practical things without having to worry about our files, pictures or data ending up in China, on some kind of ad network, or who knows where else, without us fully understanding what is happening.

By choosing Linux, you’re taking back control of your digital life. Nobody has access to your data or can tell you how to use your tech. You get privacy, anonymity, and freedom, all while customizing Linux to work exactly as you like.

So, if you care about privacy, security, and digital rights, Linux is the way to go. It’s an ethical alternative to closed systems that try to monitor and take advantage of users. Switching to Linux helps you regain control of your computer and digital identity, and it keeps mass surveillance at bay. In a nutshell, Linux gives you true independence and freedom in the digital age.

Stay smart and keep your online, connected and digital life safe!

By switching from Windows to Linux, take back your Digital Freedom!

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