Take back your digital file security with NAS (Network Attached Storage) devices instead of ‘the cloud’

If you follow Jeff.pro, you already know that big tech operating systems like Windows and MacOS increasingly threaten users’ privacy and freedom. You can reclaim control by switching to the open source Linux OS.

Linux is designed for user empowerment. Its code is transparent and open source, unlike proprietary Windows and MacOS, meaning, with Linux, you can know what’s in the source code and exactly what it is doing with your computer. This allows full customization and transparency to suit your privacy needs.

Linux offers a vast ecosystem of native open source software (FOSS)

FOSS gives you the freedom to inspect, modify, and share software to meet your needs. Since FOSS is open source, you can understand how it works and you can know what’s in it, exactly what it is doing to your computer. Closed source software is the opposite, in fact it often spies on users without their knowledge.

Enhance your privacy with a NAS, not the cloud

A Network Attached Storage (NAS) device is a great addition to your Linux and FOSS journey. It turbocharges your digital privacy and freedom. Instead of storing data with cloud providers, a NAS lets you physically control your storage locally, in your own house or office.

pictured: ioSafe 218 NAS

Some NAS devices like the Iosafe 218 are even fireproof, able to withstand high heat and flames. This protects your data from physical disaster.

Speaking of fires, (not literally this time), a NAS can be placed behind your local network “firewall,” making it more secure from external hacking attempts. This is preferable to many Linux users, as you should be mindful external “cloud storage” such as Google Drive or Dropbox leaves your data vulnerable if there is a remote system breach. (you have NO control over that!)

You can also implement RAID redundancy on your local NAS server to prevent data loss. RAID stores identical data copies across multiple drives, so if one fails your data is still safe. No such control exists with cloud storage.

Take a hands on approach to taking back your Digital Freedom – go Linux, FOSS and NAS

Linux and a NAS device provide the ultimate digital privacy and freedom. Switch to Linux from Windows/MacOS and cloud storage today.

Linux gives you transparency and control over your computing with open source code. A NAS secures your data on your own terms, behind your firewall.

Take back your privacy and freedom! Go with Linux and a NAS for the ultimate digital freedom!

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