Remove Data

Take Control: Learn How to Remove Your Data From the Internet

In our digital era, privacy is vanishing even faster for those who “do nothing” to protect themselves online.

Most people underestimate how extensively their personal details are traded by online data brokers—shady dealers operating without consent. These unregulated sites compile detailed profiles with our browsing history, purchases, location trails and more.

This exponentially growing, multi-billion dollar industry has fueled rampant fraud and cybercrime against hard-working Americans. Overseas hackers easily obtain our public information to initiate identity theft, intimidation tactics and financial theft. Victims rarely discover where criminals first accessed their data.

It starts with basic public records used as a gateway. Fraudsters exploit this data through social engineering to steal assets and sensitive information over time. For instance, they may first pull names, addresses and financial history. Posing as bank staff, they’ll call third-party organizations you are not even aware of, behind your back, to manipulate account numbers and passwords while you’re not even thinking about it. Funds then get drained from accounts when you’re least expecting it, and even homes are stolen via mortgage fraud, with banks telling their customers “there’s nothing they can do about it” … “because it’s too late.”

Every digital activity expands our online footprint, which immoral brokers endlessly monetize for profit. Even with your so-called “non-sensitive” data. And the victimization enabled by this data spread is escalating each year as technology progresses. “Doing nothing” to remove your data from internet databases is more than a risk than ever before. That’s why removing your personal information is critical now.

Learn How to Fight back by attending the “Remove Data” webinar.

You’ll learn simple techniques using any browser to erase your trail. Just a few clicks can help defend your privacy. Spots are limited for this exclusive event. Register below to claim your access pass and take the first step toward greater security. Outsmarting data thieves and the growing possibility of being targeted by other dangerous groups is straightforward, when you have the proper knowledge. The time to act is now!

Even for those with limited technical knowledge! All you need to know, to learn how to better protect yourself online, is how to use a Web Browser.

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