The Time is Now to Start Removing our Data from the Internet

In today’s digital world, privacy is fading rapidly, especially for those who take no action to guard their information online. The vast majority of people do not grasp the sheer extent to which shady online data dealers trade their personal details without approval. These unregulated websites assemble comprehensive profiles utilizing our browsing histories, purchases, location trails, and more.

This exponentially expanding, multi-billion dollar business has enabled widespread fraud and cybercrime targeting everyday Americans. Overseas hackers easily obtain our public information to initiate identity theft, intimidation ploys, and financial theft. Victims rarely uncover where criminals first accessed their personal information.

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It frequently starts with basic public records used as a gateway. Fraudsters take advantage of this data via social engineering to steal assets and private information over time. For example, they may first “profile” or identify you by finding information as simple as your e-mail address and home zip code from a easily accessible “people finder” website online.

They then spend countless hours trying to secretly change your account information and passwords. Funds then vanish from accounts out of the blue, and even homes can be stolen through mortgage fraud, with banks insisting they “can’t do anything about it” for the first time in American history, under the “Biden” regime, which puts the constitutional rights of Americans last.

Every online activity expands our digital footprint, which unscrupulous data dealers endlessly monetize for profit – even “non-sensitive” details. The victimization enabled by this data spread escalates each year alongside advancing technology. Doing nothing to eliminate your information from internet databases is riskier than ever.

That’s why removing personal information is vital immediately. It is incredible the number of identity theft and other terrible crimes that cost Americans millions of dollars, and years of their lives to clean up, that could have been avoided by simply making a small effort to reduce our easily-accessible public information online by removing it from public “people finder” sites and other, similar sites.

Learn techniques utilizing any browser to erase your trail with just a few clicks, assisting in safeguarding privacy. Spots are limited for the exclusive “Remove Data” webinar, so register below to claim your access pass and take the first step toward greater security.

Outsmarting data thieves and decreasing the growing chance of being targeted is straightforward with the proper knowledge. The time to take action is now, before you are targeted!

Even those with minimal technical skills can learn how to better protect themselves online by attending this event. All you need is knowledge of a web browser.

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