Twitter re-brands to X

Twitter Rebrands as ‘X’ Under Elon Musk

Twitter is getting a major rebranding under new owner Elon Musk. The social media platform will now be called ‘X’ and swap its iconic blue bird logo for an ‘X’ icon.

The rebranding comes amidst sweeping changes at Twitter since Musk’s $44 billion acquisition in late 2022. Musk believes X can become a “super app” integrating payments, banking, video, and more.

Logo Change

One of the first noticeable changes is Twitter’s logo. The well-known blue bird logo will be replaced by a plain ‘X’ icon. Musk announced the logo change via a series of tweets on Sunday, saying the switch would happen “soon.”

The new logo aligns with Musk’s ambitions. X references Musk’s first company, which brought him his initial fortune before the launch of PayPal. Musk also recently started an AI company called xAI.

Name Change

In tandem with the logo swap, Twitter’s name is now ‘X’ as well. The @Twitter handles remain, but the company is pushing the ‘X’ branding in the app and on its website.

The name change faces challenges, as the public is accustomed to referring to the platform as Twitter. Previous big tech rebrands like Google to Alphabet have faltered as people stuck with the original name. Critics call the move “brand suicide” that caters more to Musk’s ego than serving users.

Musk’s Vision

Musk has grand visions for X to move beyond a social media platform. He wants X to become a “super app” that combines messaging, video, banking, payments and more.

If successfully executed, Musk believes X could become a significant portion of the global financial system. X would face stiff competition from established platforms like WeChat in this space.

It remains to be seen if Musk can redefine Twitter and build X into the next great super app. But the rebranding marks his latest bold attempt to revitalize the company after major layoffs, policy shifts and platform changes after his takeover.

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