Unplug from “Big Tech” surveillance with Free and Open Source Linux

Have you ever wondered if your computer is constantly recording and tracking everything you do? If you’re using a closed-source computer operating system like Microsoft Windows, that may very well be the case.

These operating systems have turned into massive surveillance platforms that work against their users instead of for them. This constant recording and tracking is what some people may be thinking of when they say they “don’t like technology.”

Because, who would like that?

It can feel like your computers are working against you, instead of working for you, the way they are supposed to.

So, what can you do about it? The answer is simple: switch your computers to a transparent, open-source Unix-like computer operating system like Free and Open Source (FOSS) Linux.

Operating Systems

An operating system is a type of software that manages a computer’s hardware and software resources, making it easier for users to interact with their computer. It is the foundation on which other programs and applications run.

The Operating System is the first software that loads when you turn on your computer, and it remains activated during the entire time your computer is powered on. All other programs access your computer “through” the Operating System, which for many people is Microsoft Windows, making Windows the software that is positioned “in-between” whatever you’re doing with your computer, and the outside world, in a position to see, and potentially record and analyze, everything you do.

Windows, developed for years by Microsoft Corporation under the direction of former CEO Bill Gates, is famously a closed-source computer Operating System, meaning the source code is secret, i.e., “We the People” who buy and use it, have no idea what’s in the source code. We have no idea exactly what it’s doing, how it does it, or exactly who or what our data is being shared with. For years, computer users have blindly accepted Windows as a closed-source Operating System, without questioning what it’s doing with our data and personal information. A pretty incredible willingness by the public to simply “hand over” everything we’re doing on our computers, when you think about it.

Linux is a Free and Open Source alternative Operating System to Windows for your computers

But there is an alternative. As computer users learn more about how their data is being used, becoming more educated (and smarter about how they use their computers!), more and more people are discovering the Linux Operating System, a complete replacement for Microsoft Windows on your computers.

Linux is a free and open-source operating system that offers increased security and privacy. It is built collaboratively by a community of developers worldwide and is known for its reliability and customization options.

One of the biggest benefits of using Linux is its transparency. Unlike closed-source operating systems, Linux is transparent, meaning users can see and even modify the source code if problems are found.

This transparency allows for increased security and privacy as users can see what their system is doing and make modifications to protect themselves from potential threats. In other words, unlike Windows, where we have literally no idea what it’s doing with our data, when we use Linux on our computers, we know absolutely everything about what is being done, and we have complete control of our data. No more mystery about how our personal information is being used by our computers!

Linux goes much further in terms of control over our user data. With Linux, users can choose which programs and applications have access to their data, and can even encrypt their data to protect it from unauthorized access.

Open-source software, like Linux, has countless benefits, including increased security, reliability, and flexibility. Since the source code is available to the public, anyone can scrutinize the code for security vulnerabilities and make improvements to the software. This collaborative approach to software development leads to more reliable and secure software.

Learn how to Switch to Linux with Jeff.pro

In summary, Linux and other open-source software offer a more transparent, secure, and privacy-centric alternative to closed-source Operating Systems and software like Microsoft Windows. By using open-source software, users can take back control of their data and protect their privacy in an increasingly connected world.

Linux is Digital Freedom!

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